Alumni Updates

6/17/2001 Don Lindsay and Bob Rex have registered as of a few days ago. Their contributions can be viewed by clicking the Additions link at the left.
6/24/2001 Bruce Wright's addition has been added. Also there is a new guestbook entry from the Patton Pool website - Patton.
7/25/2001 New team photo. Click on photos to view team pic 72-73. (Editors note: Several people in front row were experiencing serious ankle extensor cramps at time of photo shoot.)
8/15/2001 Shawn Elkins has now registered and his contribution is available for reading. Also you can now click on Sparty, (on the home page), to visit a Spartan Swim Team Alumni related web site. Sparty will take you to the MSU swim team web page or to the web page of a team alumnus. The linked pages will be different from at least month to month, hopefully weekly, depending upon participation. If you have a web site you would like to see here let me know.
9/7/2001 Click on Sparty to view the national honor awarded to a Spartan Swim Team Alum. Look for swim team Coach of the Year.
10/12/2001 Click on Sparty to view the national honor awarded to a Spartan Swim Team Coaching Alum.
11/7/2001 Winfield and Dilley addition to photos.
1/6/02 Team picture 1973-74.
1/23/02 Tom Kirkpatrick's update has been added to the additions page.
1/24/2002 The link to Sparty has changed. Click on Sparty to view the web page of a Spartan Swim Team Alum.
3/6/2002 The link to Sparty has changed. Click on Sparty to view the web page of a Spartan Swim Team Alum's recognition as an educator. Way to go, Coach Mike Girard!
3/6/2002 I added a "S Spotlight" link on the menu to be a page where past "click on Sparty" web page links can be viewed.
5/3/02 Click on Articles to take a look at the program for the 1975 Banquet. It has personal best times and other stats.
7/25/02 Click on Sparty to see a top-notch Spartan Dive Alum, Dave Burgering.
8/28/02 Greg Forman's update has been added to the additions page.
8/30/02 New Photo - Mike Rado, John VandeBunte, Jim Dauw, looking for the swimming pool. chaos
Week of 9/2/02 Added several photos to the additions pages and to the photos page.
1/14/03 Mike Rado's update has been added to the additions page.
7/18/03 Added team photos from 70-71, 71-72, 75-76, 76-77, 77-78.
7/21/03 Added team photos from 66-67, 67-68, and 69-70. Also added numerous Team Captain photos from years 1967 to 1977. For the poetically inclined, I added The Bee to links. The Bee
7/22/03 Mike Orris' update has been added to the additions page.
7/23/03 Trevor Asti wrote in, "I thought that I would let you know that the late John Munley still has a site that has pictures of the team from '99. It is a humorous site that you might want to check out for pictures of the team." Ok Trevor, here it is, John Munley's website.
7/25/03 Bob Lundquist's update has been added to the additions page.
7/28/03 Adam Pawlicks' and Robert Wiley's updates have been added to the additions page.
8/6/03 Siemes Andreas' update has been added to the additions page.
8/26/03 Revised Bob Rex's addition.
9/9/03 Added a link on the front page to the Alumni Meet
11/24/03 Added a pdf version of Big Ten Stats, Big 10 Stats. You will need to have Adobe on your computer to view it (you can download it for free at Adobe).
12/8/03 Added Big Ten results from '70-'74, and Michigan Class A High School results '70, '71, '74. I have Swimmers Guides from 70-75. If you want to see a certain State, Conference or National result let me know.
4/9/04 Added Big Ten 50 free photo from 1973. Glenn Disosway is in lane 3 and went on to win the race. The guy next to him in the noseplugs came in 4th. Also added a shot of U of M's record board in 1974.
6/7/04 If you are interested in finding out details about the upcoming Rado shebang write me at
6/21/04 Added Joe Buys' and Jennifer Schimming's Additions.
6/21/04 Added Coach's Summer letter to frontpage, and Kirk Nelson's update to Additions.
6/23/04 Added Bruce Richards' update to Additions.
7/27/04 Former MSU Diver Tom Cramer inducted into the Bay County Sports Hall-of-Fame. The website address is .
10/20/04 Added Jennifer Parks'guestbook entry and update to Additions. There is a 30th reunion coming up for women swimmers from 73,74,75 teams to celebrate 30 years after those Big 10 Champs.
11/5/04 Added several Homecoming meet photos.
11/9/04 Added Bill Hall's addition to the Addition page.
11/19/04 Added Steve Ploussard's addition to the Addition page.
12/12/04 Added Fred Carter's addition to the Addition page.
6/24/2005 If you want to see Bruce Wright get his MBA diploma go to this web page and go to minute 56:56 of the Fall 2004 Ceremony III: Graduation.
9/6/2005 Added Matt Fetters' addition to the additions page.
9/12/2005 Added Coach Matt's Donation link and 2005 Alum Meet link to top page.
9/19/2005 Added Nicholas DeFauw's addition.
11/22/2005 Added the Media Guide to the Links page. The media guide lists years swimmers lettered and a lot of other information.
3/12/2006 Here is a Trophy Club card. Trophy Club
5/11/2006 There is a reunion coming up in E.L. September. Contact the Puppy or me for reunion information.
6/3/2006 Added Spartan Summer '72 and Spartan Summer '75 teams.
8/4/2006 Added current newspaper article on Coach Fetter's to Click on Sparty
8/16/2006 Added Marc Paglia's addition
9/17/2006 The Golden Spike reunion is over until the next one in 2008. Added lots of photos, and lots more will be coming in the months ahead, including Buntys meet results (4 years of results). Thanks Shawn, Coach G., Bunte, Jimbo, Plous, Duke, and Pags, for the new material. I am working on getting the slide show going. Take a look at Duke's websight for lots of reunion photos, Duke's Golden Spike Reunion Photos. The reunion was a blast. Every picture tells a story, but since there is no soundtrack with them let me add one thing, - no one had to say cheese....
9/19/2006 MSHAA swimming websight has some familiar names MHSAA
9/25/2006 For those of you that missed the Golden Spike Reunion, here is the slide show shown at the dinner the first night. You can start the slide show by using the buttons in the lower right of yourscreen. Golden Spike Slide Show
10/18/2006 Added Joni (Sturgeon) Leete's addition
5/27/2007 There is a masters meet in EL at the end of June, June Masters Meet. Editor's post-meet note: The meet was a lot of fun, and entry fees went toward a good cause. Wally Dobler set new state records in several events.
5/28/2007 This website may carry races next year, MSU sports inside section
7/20/2007 Added Eric Best's addition.
8/6/2007 Added some meet result newsletters, thanks Bunte! Click on the page to enlarge the page. '75-'78 meet result newsletters
6/2/2008 Added a couple of news clippings of 1972 Detroit News high school rankings.
12/1/2008 Northwestern is in Lane 5. Time was 1:27.85 Jon Larocque 22.92, Joe Schmitt 24.29, Marcus Poteete 20.91 and Matt Massman 19.73. In the event, MSU is currently ranked 2nd in the country and 1st in the Big-10 . Northwestern Invitational
4/11/2009 Here is a directory full of old SwimmingWorld magazines from They list the year and the number of the month in the document title. Swimming World
7/1/2010 Reunion HC 2010. Pluss/Pup have details. Similar events to the 2006 shindig are scheduled. Pup is buying.
10/11/2010 Added Michael Bernstein's addition.
10/20/2010 Here is a piece of the 2010 homecoming Alumni Meet introductions.... Homecoming 2010 Introductions
11/1/2010 Added Nordeen Burrell's addition.
10/20/2010 Here is the swim team golf get together at the 2010 homecoming .... Homecoming 2010 Paul Fetters photos
6/10/2011 Coach Fetters has a birthday coming up. What can you get for a man that showed such decency to you at the same time he worked you out to a frazzle??? Here is the form for donating to the swim team endowed scholarship.... Coach Fetter's 90th Birthday Form
4/11/13 Mike Rado, I am proud to say, our teammate. Mike Rado's accomplishments
3/13/2014 Added a photo of Mike Rado at the Rose Bowl in 2014 - it is on the photo page. Also added a photo of Jim Dauw, Steve Ploussard, Shawn Elkins and Don Lindsay. There are rumors that Steve is coordinating another Reunion for next year.
5/21/2019 Updated Marc Paglia's addition page with a nice article that appeared in the April 21, 2012 Gainesville Times Newspaper.

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