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MSU Swim Team 66-67

MSU Swim Team 67-68

MSU Swim Team 69-70

MSU Swim Team 71-72

MSU Swim Team 72-73

MSU Swim Team 73-74

MSU Swim Team 74-75.     Editor's Note: This photo is mis-labeled.
Bruce Wright is the bald guy between Ken Holmes and Glen Disosway
in the second row up.  BW 9/05

MSU Swim Team 75-76

MSU Swim Team 76-77

MSU Swim Team 77-78

Team 78-79

Early '70s All-Americans Ken Winfield and Alan Dilley

Bill Hall '74

Bob Rex '76

Ken Holmes '76

Shawn Elkins ' 78

Bruce Richards '70

Dave Burgering '77

Donald Rauch '69

Duane Green '69

Edgar Glick '67

Jeff Gaekle '79

Ken Winfield '73

Jeff Lanini '72

Micheal Kalmbach '70

Ken Walsh '67

Pete Williams '68

Which way to the pool? Jim Dauw, John VandeBunte, and Mike Rado '76

Mark Outwater and Pete Fetters, 1975

MSU Swim Team in Dominican Republic '76

Before and after: Bruce Wright and John Henson before a sprint at OSU, 1975

Bruce Wright and John Henson after a sprint at OSU, 1975

Dee Seibold with camera, 1976

U of M Matt Mann Pool record board, 1974

'73 Big Ten 50 Free Final

2004 Homecoming - Coach Fetters with Don Lindsay, John Vandebunte, John Henson, and Bill Hall

2004 Homecoming - Bob Rex, John Henson, and Mike Doyle share a laugh

2004 Homecoming - Why are these guys laughing?

2004 Homecoming - Greg Forman, Don Lindsay, John Vandebunte, Shawn Elkins, John Henson, and Bill Hall

2004 Homecoming - Bob Rex, Shawn Elkins and John Vandebunte at the MSU pool

2004 Homecoming - Coach and Mrs. Fetters with Bob Rex, John Vandebunte, Shawn Elkins, John Henson, Don Lindsay, Mike Doyle, Greg Forman and Bill Hall

Don Lindsay, Shawn Elkins, and Dave Siebold, late 1970's

Spartan Summer team 1972

Spartan Summer team 1975

Golden Spike Reunion 2006 - Bill Hall, Shawn Elkins, Greg Forman, Bruce Wright, Marc Paglia, Dave Baxter, Paul Fetters

Last Victory over UM - do it again!!!

Golden Spike Reunion Golf Scramble

Golden Spike Slide Show

John Apsley '75

Barry Griffiths '75

Tom Benson '74

Greg Forman '75

John Van De Bunte '76

Dave Dale '76

Dee Seibold '76

Don Lindsay '76

Bob Rex '76

Jim Dauw '76

Bruce Wright '76

Ken Holmes '76

Mark Outwater '76

Marc Paglia '76

Steve Ploussard '76

Shawn Elkins '76

John Henson '76

Mike Rado '76

Dave Baxter '76

Barry Van Amberg '75

Greg Moran '75

Doug Uzelac '77

Bob Thompkins '76

Mark Lindhout '77

Matt Johnson '77

John Beauchamp '77

Jim Dauw, Mike Rado, Shawn Elkins, & Steve Ploussard at Rose Bowl 2014

Jim Dauw, Shawn Elkins, Steve Ploussard & Don Lindsay 2014

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